Can I Change The Locks On My Apartment?

Every state has different landlord-tenant rules based on many variables. While the reader is advised to check his/her own state rules, still there are quite general guides that make sense and are acceptable in most scenarios. We will go over the tenant, landlord, and situations where, when, and why the lock can or can’t be changed

Yes as a tenant you can change the lock on your apartment. However, after you change a lock, you must give a copy of a key to either the owner-landlord or the leasing office. If you are a landlord, you must notify tenants that you will come on a certain day to change a lock.

There are cases when a tenant wants to have a specific lock with a certain function, design, or maybe color. Also, tenants may want to install locks on a bedroom door or patio, which is totally fine as long it is safe to access during an emergency.

Does a landlord have to change house locks for a new renter?

Yes, the landlord should rekey the whole house to a new different key. And in most states, it is a law that landlords must follow. It is not safe and awkward to see previous tenants or even their families using old keys to enter your new place.

If changing locks or rekeying is not mandatory in your state, you as a tenant should call a locksmith or change locks yourself while letting the landlord know about it. Moreover, the landlord might deduct that expense from your monthly pay.

Can I put a lock on the bedroom door of my apartment?

Yes, you can install a door lock on your bedroom or even closet where you can keep valuables, jewelry, or simply expensive shoes and purses.

Do you have to give a key copy of the bedroom or close the lock to the landlord? The answer is no. You don’t have to and you should not share it if the landlord asks to do so. While the apartment or house’s main entrance lock must be accessible to a landlord, everything inside the apartment is totally out of the landlord’s business

However, when your lease is over, you should put the previous lock back so that you can avoid extra fees.

Can I change the locks on my apartment to a smart digital keypad?

Just moved to a new apartment or house as a tenant. Well, the first thing is you open your door lock which you might already don’t like. No problem at all. You can change them with also whatever lock you want and give a copy of the key to a landlord.

Halo Kwikset Smart L

One of our best picks for apartment locks is a digital smart Kwikset Halo. Amazing lock for apartments, because you can easily rekey the key that was given by the landlord. It means you don’t have to notify the landlord that you change a key or lock since his original key would work on a new keypad as if nothing happened.

Here is the link for purchase:

As mentioned above, you can have a physical key right below the touchscreen and have an additional digital code. Once you gave a key copy to a landlord you are fine, you don’t have to share a digital passcode. That’s under your control delete or create codes directly from your phone

If you have a business or manage commercial space, did you know that you can install Kwikset Halo on some commercial doors?


I am Rauan, I have over 4 years of experience as a locksmith tech and then as the owner of my own company. I live in Houston, TX, and love to provide valuable insights related to locks. Enjoy reading

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