Can you put a smart lock on a commercial door?

The security of commercial property highly depends on the lock quality and complexity. Commercial door locks are different from residential locks, however, the locking mechanism is mostly similar. Speaking of smart locks – what does it exactly mean? Smart locks are locks that can be unlocked with a remote, card, or digital keypad that requires a battery.

Yes, smart locks can be installed on commercial doors and there is a wide range of locks on the market. Moreover, it gives tenants or employees access to the premises using just a code or pin. Speaking of access, smart locks provide great functionality that they do not require the need for physical metal keys. 

Depending on the door material and dimension, some residential keypads can be installed on commercial doors. That can be helpful whenever the owner wants to remotely change access codes or even unlock the lock from anywhere on the planet with an internet connection. Kwikset Halo in the picture below is the residential digital keypad that also has a key keyway in case you need to unlock the keypad with a physical key.

3 Best Smart Locks for Commercial Door Locks

  • CodeLocks – CL5510 

Codelocks is not the most popular among commercial spaces in the United States, however, functionality and design are truly amazing. ANSI Grade 2 is not the highest, but definitely strong and durable enough.

Lock connects with a push bar and great option for back emergency/exit doors. Especially when you have employees needing to enter through back door with a specified code that can de edited anytime someone is fired.

Manage and operate locks via smartphone, Keyless entry – no lost keys, 12 button back-lit keypad, Set up to 10 Code Free access periods, Suspend and restore codes, Keypad indicates locked / unlocked status, Tamper time out and low battery warning

CodeLocks CL5510
  • Lockly Secure PRO – PGD728WSN

Lockly has different lock models and its popularity increases among Americans. Either residential or commercial, Lockly provides a great sleeky design with a fingerprint function

Lock and unlock with a smartphone or by entering a preset access code on the digital keypad. Backup physical keys and backup power options are included in case of emergencies

Store up to 99 fingerprints and detects physical fingers only, preventing the use of copied or lifted fingerprints (Plus only)

Bluetooth Connectivity, WiFi Connectivity with WiFi Hub, Finger Print I, AutoLock / Unlock, Pin Genie Keypad, Hidden Mechanical Key, Off-Line Access Code. SmartPhone Control, Temporary Code, Remote Access, Smart Home Integration

Link for purchase:

Lockly Secure PRO
  • Yale NTB620 

This lock is ideal for offices, lounges, or common areas. Below are the most important facts you need to know in order to understand if it fits your needs

Key-free Convenience: Reduces investment and maintenance costs

Strong and Reliable: ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certification ensures long life and reliability

Modular technology allows users to upgrade to Data-on-Card or ZigBee/ZWave wireless technologies as system requirements change and grow

Up to 100 user codes in keypad only operation

Similar lock for purchase:

Yale NTB 620


I am Rauan, I have over 4 years of experience as a locksmith tech and then as the owner of my own company. I live in Houston, TX, and love to provide valuable insights related to locks. Enjoy reading

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