What is the most secure lock for house?

There are many lock types and different mechanisms inside the lock that provides actual security. Choosing a lock for your house is crucial since not every beautiful lock is actually secure. The most important thing to consider is the internal mechanism of the lock.

The deadbolt is considered to be the most secure lock for the house because the bolt or shaft is “dead” inside the frame and cannot be easily unlocked unlike knobs with a spring latch system. Deadbolts require a key in order to move the latch, and that latch will stay there until that authorized key will turn it back to unlock position. Deadbolt is a naming of a lock type, while any brand that manufactures a deadbolt would be the most secure lock such as Kwikset, Baldwin, Schlage, Medeco, and more., which we are going to compare in the next paragraph

Single-sided Baldwin Dead Bolt illustration

Did you know that a secure lock is, not only that locked from the outside but also from the inside when it comes to doors that have glass that anyone can brake and turn the lock from the inside?

Single-sided vs double-sided deadbolt

While there are many types of deadbolts it is crucial to choose between single and double-sided deadbolts and then proceed with color, brand, keyway, and many more. Single-sided deadbolt is totally fine for doors that don’t have any weak points such as glass or plastic. Even if there is a glass, it should be small or far away from the lock so that nobody can reach it with a hand. If the door is made completely of wood or metal components then a thumb turn from the inside (single-sided) is good to go. The double-sided deadbolt has a keyway (hole to insert a key) from both sides. In case someone intrudes it will give some extra time to call an emergency or escape premises.

The key difference between a deadbolt and a doorknob

When it comes to choosing the most secure lock for your house or business, first we need to understand the difference between a knob and a deadbolt. Sometimes even a well-designed knob can be as safe as a deadbolt, but eventually, we should understand that the nature of the door knob is to bounce the latch. If the latch is pushed, it will move inside the door and unlock the door, while the deadbolt can’t be pushed and unlocked.

The bouncing latch is a knob. Solid latch is deadbolt


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