Kwikset Halo vs Yale August (Detailed Decision Guide)

We are living during a fantastic time when house lock has many hi-tech functions such as a digital keypad with lights, a self-locking function, remote control with your phone any-where in the world, and many more. Most importantly you don’t need a physical key to unlock the door lock. So no lockout situation and no lock rekeying especially if you are a landlord?

Why do you need August Smart Lock or Kwikset halo in the first place?

The common function that both smart locks share is a phone control. And below is a list of great functions that will make your life easier since the lock is actually our everyday used tool

  • Lock or unlock with your phone
  • Autolock (Kwikset Halo has not that option)
  • Create user code or delete it immediately
  • Rekey Lock under 1 minute (August Smart Lock NOT viable unless smart deadbolt attached)
  • No need to carry a physical key

While both locks mostly share the same functions, however, there is one enormous difference between August and Kwikset Halo. That difference can be either a benefit or a disadvantage sometimes, particularly for one of the brands that August manufactures.

The difference with Kwikset Halo is that This August Smart Lock doesn’t have any lock from the outside included in the box. Even if you buy an exterior lock that connects to an August smart lock, then it will be a deadbolt that requires a physical key if you don’t have a smartphone with you.

Amazon recommendation

As you can see above, amazon recommends purchasing either a smart keypad or a deadbolt that you can attach outside. You don’t have to buy that particular deadbolt, you definitely have a choice because August’s manufacturer included different tailpiece adapters inside the box. Since any deadbolt is applicable, we definitely advise getting a smart deadbolt that you can rekey under a minute (change a key especially if you are a landlord)

What are the types of August Smart Lock?

While there is only Kwikset Halo that has a digital keypad and physical key right under it, and a thumb turn with batteries from inside. Simply put the screws and keypad is good to go.

However, when it comes to August there are mainly 3 types of August you can get. That makes everything a little more complicated compared to one piece of equipment that has all the functions you need.

  1. August Smart Lock – Fits Your Existing Deadbolt
  2. August Smart Lock + Smart Keypad
  3. August Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

Option number 3 doesn’t have built-in wifi. It means you need a Wi-fi bridge that you need to plug into electric socket.

Option number 2 does have sort of keypad that you can stick from outside. However, there is no physical keyway in case you need it. So you will have to install it separately deadbolt + stick that numeric pad next to it.

Option number 1 would be the best for anyone who wants to install any specific deadbolt they prefer from outside

What is the strong point of Kwikset Halo compared to August Smart lock?

The most vital point is the integrity of a whole piece. When you buy Kwikset you buy a digital keypad with lights, thumb turn from inside (as August), prebuilt wifi (no need for wifi bridge gadget), and a physical key right under the keypad

Design is just another topic. Absolutely gorgeous and can fit nearly every house and door material.

This is the link for purchase:


I am Rauan, I have over 4 years of experience as a locksmith tech and then as the owner of my own company. I live in Houston, TX, and love to provide valuable insights related to locks. Enjoy reading

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