Is Kwikset or Schlage better? (Pros & Cons)

Kwikset and Schlage are one of the most popular keyways in the United States. Both Kwikset and Schlage have their own lock brands, however, there are other manufacturers that use keyway (key shape) that can be used for Kwikset or Schlage. To make it easy, Kwikset and Schlage manufacture actual locks and are also known as the founders of keyway (key structure)

While every lock is designed for particular purposes with specific design, however in terms of security and rekeying Kwikset is definitely the better brand. First, the Smart Kwikset system cannot be picked. It means you will know or hear if someone drills or crushes internal parts of the lock. Second, unlike Schlage, Kwikset has a smart deadbolt option that allows easy rekeying of the lock even for middle school kids.

Both have door knobs, deadbolts, keypads, and lever handles. Nearly everything in the world has its own competitors and they all try to manufacture every possible variation so that they are never behind when it comes to different options.

Do I need a Kwikset or Schlage lock for my house?

It totally depends on your needs. If you are a landlord or planning to rent your premises to tenants then Kwikset is a lock you want 100%. It is because Kwikset Smart (not a digital keypad) has a technology that allows rekeying (changing the key for a different one, so that the previous tenant won’t have access). Rekey a smart Kwikset is very easy, you can go through this link and follow the procedure step by step. It will take you 1-2 minutes to get it done. In the long run, it will save tons of money instead of calling a locksmith.

Kwikset Deadbolt and Door knob

What is the key difference between Schlage and Kwikset?

There is not much difference besides rekeying and security. Most of the time both have 5 pin system, similar designs, sizes, and shapes. If you decided to upgrade your house locks, you can go with any above brands, but make sure all of them are the same brand so that you can have one key that opens all door locks.


I am Rauan, I have over 4 years of experience as a locksmith tech and then as the owner of my own company. I live in Houston, TX, and love to provide valuable insights related to locks. Enjoy reading

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