How often should door locks be lubricated?

Locks are like food. We need them and use them every day dozens of times. We can consider door locks as small engines that we jump start with the right key and turn off. It requires some maintenance in the form of lubricants. We will discuss types of lubricants with their expiration period.

While there is no strict manufacturer prescription regarding door lock maintenance, we would recommend lubricating door locks every 6-12 months to keep your locks operating smoothly. Locks used in extremely dusty, corrosive environments should be lubricated every 3-6 months. If locks are commercial and used hundreds of times in a day, then every 2-3 months of lubricating will definitely help them function longer. Regular lubrication will also help minimize freezing in cold weather environments.

What do locksmiths lubricate locks with?

WD-40 is a general solution to resuscitate dry and old locks.

Is silicone spray good for locks?

Silicone spray can be used on various parts of a vehicle. For example, CRC 808 silicone can be used to lubricate door locks, hinges, linkages, window guides, and bushes. It preserves and protects rubber mouldings, weather strips, grommets, o-rings, rubber seals, dashboards, door mouldings, plastic parts, and mountings

Is silicone spray or WD-40 better for locks?

Is Vaseline good for locks?

If you don’t have a magnet handy, stock up on Vaseline, as this product can melt ice and prevent build-up. You can dip your key in it and insert the key into the lock for thorough coating. Done once a week, this trick will keep your locks in working condition all winter.

Is olive oil good for locks?

As mentioned, olive oil can be an efficient moisturizer for your dreads. This can be accomplished with a hot oil treatment. Pour enough oil (Olive oil + essential oils) into a bowl to saturate your locs from root to tip


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