How much does it cost to rekey a house or business on average? (detailed price guide)

Rekeying or changing locks is a quite often happening event in many households or businesses. Locks are moving parts therefore they tend to brake or jam, moreover they can be rekeyed for a different key so that previous key holders won’t be able to trespass.

On average rekeying a house lock costs between $15 and $55 per lock. While commercial rekey services cost between $95 and $280. While pins are cheap, labor is a major expense. There are hundreds of different types of locks in a residential and commercial areas. Mostly rekey price is generated based on the complexity of the lock and the price of that lock as well.

The table below is our customized price guide for the most popular locks on the market. In order to identify lock brands and keyways someone needs a bit of experience, so to make it easy we added pictures in the tables so you can compare the lock that you have on your doors with the pictures below. Then you can easily order them through the link or calculate how much would it cost if you call a professional locksmith to perform rekeying.

Below are the most popular locks we might see in most households in the United States. There are so many more locks that might be covered in the future. Prices tend to change. The cost of the lock is approximate

Lock PictureAverage Rekey PriceAverage rounded Cost of LockLink for PurchaseNote
15-4520 a new Key – Easy Rekey.
15-3522 a new Key – Easy Rekey.
15-3517 more than 4 same locks – Call a Locksmith
15-4521 more than 4 same locks – Call a Locksmith
Kwikset halo35-75220 a new Key – Easy Rekey.
35-75250 a new Key – Easy Rekey.
Schlage keypad35-75130 more than 2 same locks – Call a Locksmith
schlage keypad35-75330 a Locksmith
schlage single sided deadbolt15-4570 more than 2 same locks – Call a Locksmith
schlage door knob15-3540 more than 4 same locks – Call a Locksmith
commercial schlage keypad45-95150 a Locksmith
Kaba simplex ee100095-180800-1200 a Locksmith
Alarm Lock - DL270026D95-180420 a Locksmith
Commercial Mortise Lock Cylinder & Thumbturn,45-9515-25 more than 4 same locks – Call a Locksmith


I am Rauan, I have over 4 years of experience as a locksmith tech and then as the owner of my own company. I live in Houston, TX, and love to provide valuable insights related to locks. Enjoy reading

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