How can I open the latch on keyed entry lock without the doorknob?

The doorknob latch mechanism is made of springs that make the latch bounce in and out whenever the knob is turned. There are many types of locks that are pretty easy to install, especially if the manufacturer made a well-drawn step-by-step manual. Despite that, some of the locks are confusing and tricky to install

A latch that holds the door shut can be unlocked using the handle set that comes in the box. Since the latch is a moving mechanism triggered by a tailpiece that comes all the way from the doorknob head. The knob has a long stick or shaft either a square or flat-shaped tailpiece that will allow retracting a latch back inside a door.

In case your door knob is not working or just can’t be used, you can use any type of screwdriver or knife that can imitate tailpiece form so that you can retract the latch. But what if the latch itself is broken? You can read and watch the video in this article on how to unlock a door when the latch is broken.


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