Best Door Locks to Prevent Break-ins

Home or business security relies on locks that keep the door shut and in some cases door & frame material itself. Imagine if it is a heavy-duty metal door that is impossible to kick with a leg or special tools. That analogy should apply when it comes to door locks. So what are the best door locks to prevent a break-in?

There are two main formulas that door locks need to follow to prevent a break-in. First, it must be a deadbolt that is not possible to slim jim which requires a key to turn the latch in the open position. Second, it must be a double-sided deadbolt that cannot be picked (or drilled). To sum it up, the best door lock that will stop intrusion (or at least will take significant time) will be a high-security double-sided deadbolt such as Medeco or Mul-t-lock.

  1. Single sided Mul-t-lock
  2. Double sided Mul-t-lock
  3. Single sided Medeco
  4. Double sided Medeco

Surely, the deadbolt is the main hero in this chapter, however, there are additional strategies that will provide more security and peace of mind. The hidden deadbolt, door guards, and adjustable door security bars are extremely useful, so we will discuss them in detail further in this blog.

Double-sided unpickable deadbolt

When it comes to a door lock that will prevent break-ins, the deadbolt should be not only double-sided but also unpickable or one that can’t be drilled.

  • The double-sided deadbolt will make sure that even if the glass is smashed, intruders just can’t simply turn the lock from the inside and unlock the door. Many house doors have some sort of glass, sometimes small and sometimes big rectangular or even full glass from top to bottom.
  • The unpickable lock is a lock that can be unlocked without you someone knowing that it happened. It will be a quiet and clean intrusion for burglars if they know how to pick a lock. If the lock’s mechanism is designed so that a specific tool can bypass it, then neither double-sided nor single-sided lock will prevent brake-in
  • The lock that can’t be drilled is the securest option from break-ins, however not 100% guaranteed. There are some exceptions when someone indeed was able to pick it (maybe the son of the inventor of that particular high-security lock such as Medeco or Mul-t-lock). Still, comparing all we have, those high-security double-sided deadbolts are the kings of security level in the US market.

A hidden deadbolt power

Considering the function and specification of the hidden deadbolt we can confidently say it is an undercover guard in charge of security from within. A hidden deadbolt is a deadbolt like any other you see in most households, however, the lock is not visible from the outside. It is locked with your finger from the inside and nothing will be seen from another side of the door.

Suppose someone tried to drill or pick your deadbolt that you usually lock from inside when you are home or away from home. Even if someone can successfully pass the deadbolt, they will be surprised to realize that still something is holding a door closed. That will give a homeowner valuable extra minutes to call the police.

Adjustable Door Security Bar

The door security bar is indeed a most brutal way to secure your door from being compromised. The bar is laid against the handle and the other end faces the flooring. Even if someone was able to pass through locks, there is no way somebody can open that door. Unless they want to kick the middle of the door and break it in half like in scary movies.

Purchase Door Security bar

The security bar is not a good solution if the door is actively used during the day. It will annoy to even put it at night and remove it in the morning. The best fit for a security bar is a door that is used once in a while or sometimes when you leave a house for an extended period of time.

Security Door Guard

The door guard is similar or same the ones you see in hotel room. It. might a chain that won’t let door open fully, yet you can see who is on the other side of the door. Second most common option is a 45 degree angled plate that keeps door unlocked just as little as chain would allow. And last but not least is long bar that performs same as previous two

  • Chain door guard is a great and quite secure option, but sometimes it might be annoying to hang that chain inside the specific entry hole. To do that you need to aim and concentrate for a couple of seconds. Moreover, the sound of the aluminum chain might bring some discomfort to a sensitive type of people
  • Angled door guard is a great and sleeky-looking design that brings somewhat esthetic pleasure to see it every day. The key idea of having this lock is the easiness of use. You just gently turn it inward or outward – that’s it.

The long bar door guard is a nicely designed lock that looks good and the user experience is great too. However, it has some irritating things such as a long shaft that might hit your eye or head. When it comes to choosing this lock, it would be solely based on personal preference, since all of the locks perform well when it comes to securing doors.


I am Rauan, I have over 4 years of experience as a locksmith tech and then as the owner of my own company. I live in Houston, TX, and love to provide valuable insights related to locks. Enjoy reading

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