7 Best Commercial Door Locks

Commercial door locks are a whole other world of locks compared to residential locks. Securing business must be a top priority for business owners or landlords. Nowadays burglars are getting some knowledge on the internet and using that knowledge in a bad way. This post is about the 7 best commercial door locks, which also will compare and present ways to combat intruders, and overall your business needs related to lock compatibility. While the quality grade system is the same as in residential locks from 1 to 3, we will be mostly discussing the other three important aspects such as security, price, and functionality.

1. Kaba Simplex EE1000 series

Kaba simplex is one of the greatest locks for commercial use. Kaba is typically used in commercial complexes, manufacturing facilities or offices. Especially popular in many apartment complex gates throughout the United States.

The Simplex lock is a fully mechanical lock that can access by a combination that eliminates the necessity for a battery replacement, keys, or access remotes distribution. It also has a key override which is optional and in many cases won’t be needed. The picture below has a key override that belongs to an IC core division.

Link for purchase https://amzn.to/3FrO1VP

Example of Kaba Simplex 1000 series

Moreover, changing the lock combination might be somewhat scary, but once it’s done a couple of times it will be quite easy. Important is to follow the manual 100% of the time. In case, turning and undoing the click button from inside is performed in a wrong manner there might be consequences such as the lock mechanism can move to a null state. It means no code exists, and cannot create a new unless the core is removed and fixed.

Other than that, Kaba is an absolutely high quality lock that literally serves decades. We personally saw unbelievably old Kaba Simples that still performing like new.

2. Commercial Mortis Cylinders

Mortis is the most common lock that is installed in 95% of commercial doors according to our locksmith services experience of more than 5+ years. The possible explanation for that lock’s popularity is due to the door structure which is mostly glass and a thin frame where the lock can physically fit. And we might assume a pinch of monopoly plus construction codes influenced to some extent. There are dozens of manufacturers who sell Mortis cylinders under their brand, however, there are only several keyways (key shapes that will fit or go into the cylinder) such as Schlage, Kwikset, Medeco, Mul-t-lock, Yale, Sargent, IC core, and some other less familiar keyways.

  • 1. Schlage and Kwikset are most popular

Schlage and Kwikset keyways are not high-security locks. The major drawback is that someone with the necessary skills can pick it or simply drill it out. Moreover, those Mortis cylinders including high-security Medeco or Mul-t-lock have a critical weak point in that they can be easily twisted with a locking plier. Surely we will discuss options that will allow preventing easy twist break-ins.

  • 2.Medeco or Mul-t-lock

Medeco link for purchase: https://amzn.to/3HE14pY

Mul-t-lock link for purchase: https://amzn.to/3j7ueU9

High-Security locks such as Medeco or Mul-t-lock are one of the best and most secure locks in the market that truly can stop or at least prevent break-ins for a decent amount of time. However, Mortis cylinders are not applicable to this statement. All Mortise brands and keyways whether it is Kwikset, Sargent, or Medeco prone to an easy destruction trick. When someone installs them, Mortis is slid and rolled about 4-6 circles on Adams Rite threads and fixed with a small screw that goes from Adams Rite into the Mortis socket. If you see the picture on your left Medeco has a deepening from head to toe. Therefore, someone with good pliers can twist back 4-6 times and destroy the small screw that holds the cylinder in place.

How to reinforce commercial mortise cylinders from brake-ins?

As was discussed right before this post, Mortise cylinders alone are completely unsafe and burglars can easily brake in. Two main tools can serve them in this bad idea. Those are locking pliers with a combination of dremmel that cuts aluminum/metal to eliminate the guard rim.

Combination of Rim and Plate Guards

There are two most important tools that can enforce commercial mortise lock security. Those are the guard plate and guard rim. The guard plate is designed to cover most of the cylinder so that there is only enough space to insert a key. Screws for that plate are passing through the door and fixed from another side. It means it is nearly impossible to take it down with pliers and very hard to cut with dremmel or any other electric tool. While guard rim is another way to protect the cylinder from twisting since it’s purposely loose so that it can rotate with the plier leaving the cylinder in a safe bay. The guard rim is quite easy to cut through and is considered less safe than the guard plate.

3. Trilogy T2 DL2700

The Trilogy is an amazing lock that has easy-to-push buttons and is manufactured to be durable with grade 1 position. It is a truly widely used commercial lock that is mostly used in room-sensitive areas in hospitals, offices and so many more. Trilogy DL 2700 is an electronic battery-operated lock, which is totally opposite from Kaba. But battery-operated lock as gives an advantage when it comes to changing user codes. It can be done right on the push button you see below in the picture. In addition, this amazing lock can hold up to 100 codes with 3-5 digit combinations and which can be designated as 1 Master code, 10 for managers, 90 general user codes, and 3 one-time codes for people who should not return and use the same code again.

Link for purchase: https://amzn.to/3FT7UWZ

How do I know if locked the door when I was leaving the office? That is the question I sometimes ask when I am not sure if I pressed to lock my residential Kwikset keypad. No worries, unlike many other brands, this lock has a function lock automatically between 5 and 20 seconds. So you can choose what time would fit your business needs. The inside lever handle is always instant egress, so it means in case of emergency, this lock will be always unlocked for people exiting in a rush.

4. Alarm Lock Trilogy – DL1200 Narrow

Trilogy DL 1200 narrow-style keypad lever lock is an absolute beast when it comes to a commercial glass door that can fit mortise cylinder dimensions only. A lock is waterproof and made of great vandal-resistant material that can also support up to 100 user codes

Link for purchase: https://amzn.to/3Wn9nKy

The lock automatically locks so you don’t have to worry that the business or any premise is left unsecured. This lock has mortise cylinders as well that can override the locking mechanism and electronic codes above the cylinder. Lock works great with Adams rite which is the main part in most commercial store front doors in the United States. The employee had to go? No need to rekey every single lock, just change the user code and that’s all it takes.

5. Commercial Electronic Keypad Schlage FE595CS

This commercial Schlage keypad is just right for most restrooms (in case you don’t want non-customers using your restroom), utility closets, storage that has expensive items, and any room that has frequent and classified usage.

Link for purchase: https://amzn.to/3V0lEDN

The keypad locks automatically after 5 seconds, and you will have to enter the user code again. Can store up to 19 user codes and surely a great advantage is that you can deactivate automatic locking after 5 seconds so it can be unlocked during the required time frame.

6. Commercial Lever Set Handle

There are 5 main commercial lever handles that have their own purpose. Every lock has a description and pictures from the inside and outside view of the lock so that way it will be much easier to understand the working mechanism. Whether it is an office, storage room, or even entrance/exit from the building, every lever handle lock has its compatibility. Handles are not a keypad or mechanical push button, but the price is the most affordable

Link for purchase: https://amzn.to/3WnKzT2

  • Storeroom lever handle

The exterior lever is always locked, so in order to unlock it you will need a key every single time. While the interior lever is always unlocked. As the naming suggests, it is the best for storage or rooms that are likely to be used rarely. Imagine if this lock was installed in your business conference room, where people go back and forth, it’s just ridiculous to carry a key at all times, isn’t it?

  • Classroom lever handle

Classroom type of locks is ideal for situations where an employee or any user comes in the morning and opens the lock once, and when it is time to go home they lock it back once again and it’s done. In total key was used two times. And inside lever is always unlocked for any emergency issues.

  • Keyed Entry Lever Handle

Same as a classroom, the latch can be unlocked once and it stays unlocked as long as it’s needed. The main difference with the classroom handle would be the turn/push button locking. Pushing AND turning the inside button locks the outside lever, requiring the use of an authorized key, and until then inside level would be locked as well. While pushing-only (no twisting) still requires a key to unlock the lever, while inside lever would open the door at any time.

  • Passage Lever Handle

This is the easiest to understand and use. Both inside and outside passage lever handles are unlock. You might notice in the picture below there is no keyway or push button from either side. The passage lever handle is great for halls, door corridors or simply doors that are not requiring any security or privacy

  • Privacy Lever Handle

The privacy lever handle is mostly used in commercial public bathrooms such as coffee shops, office buildings, hotels, and many more. It is designed to lock from the inside so that nobody can enter while someone is doing business. While it is not requiring any key from outside, anyone can unlock it using a flathead screwdriver. It is convenient for janitors or managers to unlock a room in case someone accidentally pushed a button from inside and shut the door behind them. (sometimes we assume someone is in there until an hour passed and nobody is coming out of the restroom, right? So, that is the case to call someone in charge.)

7. Lockey 2835JBDC Mechanical

Mechanical lever locks Lockey Digital is an amazing alternative to Kaba Simplex EE1000 due to 2 main reasons. First, the price of Locket Digital is nearly 3 times cheaper than Kaba Simples (both of them have double-sided codes) Second reason is the size, Lockey is much smaller and can fit some metal gates that have limited space to install a lock. Lockey has the same auto-locking function, so you enter the code once and it will lock the latch right away.

Link for purchase: https://amzn.to/3YsSaRV


I am Rauan, I have over 4 years of experience as a locksmith tech and then as the owner of my own company. I live in Houston, TX, and love to provide valuable insights related to locks. Enjoy reading

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